Biljana Obradović-Bixy is a young, multitalented artist who is a musician, singer, composer and lyrics writer.

She graduated from the Faculty of Music in Belgrade, department of music pedagogy.

Her energy, emotions and sensitivity are best shown through pop music, although she is a competent performer of other music genres as well. She plays several musical instruments (piano, guitar, flute, saxophone and various percussions) and sings in 20 different languages. She started music show business as the only lady in Serbia who played keyboard and sang – one girl show band.

She was born in Kraljevo on 21 October 1982.

When she was only 5, she started playing music and as a child she appeared in numerous TV and radio shows. She composed her first songs while she was a Primary school pupil, and had her first solo concert at the age of 14. The tradition continued and when she was in the Secondary school, she had pop concerts at the theatre in her hometown of Kraljevo.

Since she was a rather curious and versatile personality, she participated in the work of cultural and artistic groups, various bands, and in the work of a city and church choir, as well.

In the end of her studies, she started working on her first studio CD, gaining ever growing interest in studio work. That is how she has started composing songs for herself and other performers and writing lyrics, and at the same time, signing back vocals for herself and colleagues.

'Music is her inspiration and her life. The songs she composed and performed, have easily found a way to the heart of her fans.'

At the Third Serbian Festival of Pop Music – Vrnjacka Banja 2008, she participated with a copyrighted song Neuništiva (Indestructible) for which she won the award Production legacy, as well as favorable comments of the audience and journalists. Next year, Biljana participated for the second time at the Serbian Festival of Pop Music – Vrnjacka Banja 2009, and again won the same award for the song “Srce te biralo” ( The heart has chosen you), sang by her colleague Boban Čurlić.

Her first studio and singer-songwriter project –CD, entitled Neuništiva (Indestructible) was released in 2009. It was published by the national record label PGP RTS.

This music album represents a crown to her complete and up-to-that-moment work and shows, in the best possible way, her versatility of an artist. Apart from being the author of a title song Neuništiva, she is the author of lyrics and music for all the songs on her music album; she participated in the work on the arrangement of the compositions and sang back vocals for great number of songs. Soon afterwards there followed a music video for the title song, whose concept designer was she, as well.

Her songs radiate sensitivity and genuine emotions, which are shown through unique vocal expression, melody lines and love lyrics. Apart from the title song, other songs, such as Ranjena srna (Wounded Roe), Kad nekog zavoliš (When you fall in love with someone) and Nisi mi potreban (I don't need you), were immediately recognized as autobiographic and instantly loved by the audience.

After her debut album, she released two more singles - Neću plakati (I’m not gonna cry) in 2009 and Kad žena pije (When a woman drinks) in 2010.

In 2012 there followed cooperation with an academic actor Milan Vejnović, who, with a group of authors, composed a song for her, No chance for us, which was the song she participated with at the competition for the Swiss representative at Eurovision Song Contest held in Azerbaijan, and was among top five.

In the same year she recorded a new single Ničija (No one’s), a duet with a colleague Marina Dilparić, which, as far as the genre is concerned, represents a step into ethno-pop music. The music video for this interesting song was one of the first music videos recorded in 3D technology in Serbia.

In the meantime, she released three more singer-songwriter singles. Srce od čelika (Hart of Steal) in 2014, a song which was two years later awarded an international award at Academia Awards 2016 in Los Angeles for the best pop-funky composition. Then in 2015 there followed a sentimental pop ballad Šta nam ostaje (What’s left for us), and in 2016 there was released a well-known hit song Otrov i lek (Poison and cure). This song is a final genre formation of the style she has always been aiming at – powerful emotional charge with lyric topics, completed with rich arrangement.

At the moment, she is living and working on the route Belgrade – Munich, appearing around Europe and taking part in numerous cultural events in Serbia and diaspora. One of such events is a festival The Balkan Days in Munich (Balkantage), where she performed her copy-righted songs.

In 2016 she founded her own record label for distribution of digital music worldwide, called Bixymusic Record Label.

The beginning of 2017 brings her far more prominence in the media, thanks to her new song All The World To Me , which is a mix of several styles - pop, latino and jazz. The lyrics for the English version of the song is written by Adlen Šiljak. This was followed by a collaboration with the talented poet from Uzice - Milivoje Stojić, to whom poem Bixy composed the tune for the song Risk , which was released in September 2017. With this song ( Risk ), Bixy announced her second album, entitled Second Story , which brought together 10 singles, published by digital platform publisher Bixymusic Record Label. Biljana Obradović is the recipient of the prestigious Lady of the Year Region 2017 contribution to work and creativity. She's working hard on new music.

In early 2018, Bixy released hers 20th author composition called Vagon (eng. Wagon), authored by multimedia artist Nenad Skundrić. They dedicated the song and the video to all victims of violence. Biljana Obradovic Bixy is involved in humanitarian work and is always hard at work on new music material.

She has participated in several manifestations of the diaspora. Some of these are the Ball of Vienna in Vienna (srb. Svetosavski bal u Beču) and the festival Balkan Days in Munich ( Balkantage ), which featured her guest work in 2016.

In February 2019 Bixy came with the song That is like it is (srb. To je tako) wins an award in Los Angeles at the prestigious international composer competition in the category of singer-songwriter. At the same time she was a semifinalist of the International Song Competition 2019 style. in Nashville, with instrumental composition Fenix . She then releases a new ballad called I'm leaving now.

In 2019, she released her first instrumental album entitled Piano for Relax for Bixymusic Record Label .

In October 2019, she releases a new single - a rendition of a well-known folk song The Fallen Parish (srb. Pala Ćuprija) , in a self-signed diksilend arrangement.